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We work in different network systems.Thanks to our network of logistical services we find the most relevant solution for even the most unusual cases.Let it be a container delivery, WAB delivery, special delivery, food delivery, express delivery, standard partial and full-load delivery.

As with logistics service and transportation, we are responsible for the delivery of goods and services, retail and outsourcing. We have a modernised flee, which enable us, to concentrate on the customers' needs.

Outstanding quality, flexible, innovative, fitted to individual needs. Throughout the years, turned into professionals

  • WAB-system turnover (with swap body) as transport by BDF vehicles
  • Container (tank) transport
  • Container transport
  • Silo transport
  • Chilled item transportation
  • Night time delivery
  • Express delivery
  • Transportation of clean goods

And even more of our customers are waiting for a complete logistics delivery solution. From planning to handling deliveries.

  • Logistical solutions
  • System optimization

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